aboutus_tollyA professional trader, educator and ex-financial planner who has been actively involved in the markets for over 28 years.

He is regarded as one of Australia’s leading Technical Analysts, specialising in derivatives for over 20 years and having worked for some of Australia’s leading institutions including Westpac, NAB and ABN AMRO Morgans. Tolly was the
co-founder of a financial services company which provided stockmarket advice and technical reports between 2003-2011.

An experienced Financial Planner for over 14 years, including 9 years of service and an impressive track record with Westpac:

In 1997, Tolly was named "Top Advisor" for Westpac Banking Corporation nationwide
In 1998, Tolly was named "Number 1" Financial Planner for Westpac nationwide.
Tolly is a regular speaker for the Australian Technical Analyst Association (ATAA) nationwide and from time to time a guest on the expert panel "Your Money Your Call" and "Lunch Money" on Australia’s Sky Business Channel.

Tolly’s formal qualifications include: Diploma of Financial Services (DipFS), RG 146 accredited and Derivatives Advisor (Lev 1 and Lev 2).

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